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Whither constructivism?

November 4th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ISA-NE | ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

Audio of a panel and the subsequent q&a from ISA-Northeast 2012, Baltimore, MD. Panelists were Nick Onuf, Mike Barnett, and PTJ; panel was ably chaired by Sammy Barkin, who also participated in the discussion from time to time.

ISA-Northeast 2011, a panel entitled “Systems, Process, and International Relations.” My comments as discussant.

The fourth recording from the 2011 ISA-NE Methodology Workshop: Sherrill Stroschein, University College London.

ISA-Northeast methodology workshop: LHM Ling

November 15th, 2011 | Posted by ptj in IRRM | ISA-NE - (0 Comments)

The third recording from the 2011 ISA-NE Methodology Workshop: LHM Ling, Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School.

The second recording from the 2011 ISA-Northeast Methodology Workshop: Alex Montgomery, Reed College. His PowerPoint slides can be found here.

The first of four recordings from the 2011 ISA-NE Methodology Workshop: Fred Schaffer, University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Conduct of Inquiry book q&a

November 7th, 2010 | Posted by ptj in ISA-NE | ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

I didn’t want to just do a straight-up book talk on the Conduct of Inquiry book at the ISA-Northeast conference, so we did something a little different: Dan Green gave an overview of the book’s argument, I said a few things about my aims and intentions, and then we had a lot of q&a time. I think the result is a pretty good articulation of some my hopes for the book and for the field of IR.

My discussant comments on a panel on pragmatism and IR from the 2010 ISA-Northeast conference.

My discussant comments from a panel on IR and fashion at the ISA-Northeast 2010 conference.

The last of the four faculty talks at the 2010 ISA-NE workshop in interpretive and relational research methodologies: Vivienne Jabri.