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Boundaries to Loosen in Global IR

January 19th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ProfPTJ's Podcasts

Here’s a talk I gave at the University of Southern California on 10 January, in which I took up the question of how to make the field of IR safe for the world — I identified at least three conceptual/theoretical/methodological/vocational boundaries that need to be loosened en route to making the study of world politics better able to meet the “terrible predicament of here and now” (as I quote Heschel at the end of my C of I book).

The talk was recorded direct to iPad in mono so the audio quality is a bit lower; I also walked away from the machine a few times to gesticulate at the displayed image, so the effective volume varies a bit. Also, near the end of the talk someone in the next room started showing a movie with the volume turned way WAY up, so there’s some bleed-through of that audio in this recording.

PDF images of the slides for the talk are here.

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