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Here’s the talk I delivered yesterday at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University. This is a remix of the civilizations talk I have previously given at GW and Rutgers; this version/performance is more about the configuration of social-scientific disciplinary knowledge than previous versions was, because that’s where my brain is at the moment.

This is a second version of my “requiem for Samuel P. Huntington” talk/presentation. In this version given at the Elliott School at George Washington University on 5 March — the slides have been remixed from the Rutgers version of the talk — I emphasized more strongly the vision of an agonistic social science dedicated to value-clarification. As before I use Huntington’s account of civilizations as a jumping-off point.

Here’s a recording of a talk I gave earlier today at Rutgers. It’s about civilizational analysis, and the late Samuel P. Huntington, and a few other things too — including some remarks on the purpose of social science. A little sprawling, but I think it holds together.