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My comments on a roundtable on “Constructivism and Psychology” at the 2014 ISA meeting, 26 March 2014. Recorded straight to iPhone, and presented here in .m4a format.

Whither constructivism?

November 4th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ISA-NE | ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

Audio of a panel and the subsequent q&a from ISA-Northeast 2012, Baltimore, MD. Panelists were Nick Onuf, Mike Barnett, and PTJ; panel was ably chaired by Sammy Barkin, who also participated in the discussion from time to time.

Audio of my remarks at the panel “Telling the Tale of Constructivism” at ISA 2012. An edited version of the text I spoke from and around will soon be a blog post over at Duck of Minerva.

Sermon delivered at the Montreal International Studies Association meeting, 18 March 2011. Lower audio quality than usual because I recorded this straight to my iPad instead of recording it to another digital voice recorder.

Also, public mea culpa to Hans-Martin Jaeger, who didn’t actually say that feminism wasn’t a constructivism, but did say that he was not going to discuss feminism in his presentation.

Here’s a recording of the introductory comments I made at an SIS-American University faculty-PhD student reading group in which we discuss recent IR articles. This session was on Richard Price’s “Moral Limit and Possibility in World Politics,” International Organization 62:2 (2008). This is audio only, but it’s in mp4 format; should play fine in iTunes.


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Here’s a presentation — audio and slides — I delivered yesterday at Georgetown University as part of a Ph.D. seminar on political science as a vocation. It’s a .m4a file, so you’ll need to download and play it in QuickTime Player or iTunes.