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ISA 2014: causality

April 2nd, 2014 | Posted by ptj in ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

My comments on a roundtable on causality, in the last panel session of ISA 2014. These are the rough version of a paper I will be presenting in a more refined mix at BISA in June of this year.

The slide I reference will be posted here shortly.

This isn’t actually the title I gave for the talk at the time, and this isn’t the first time I gave the talk — I had given previous versions of it at Oxford and Aberystwyth over the past week too. but I think this is the best version, and I also think that this title captures much better what I am actually talking about. So it will probably be the title of the article or chapter I end up writing. Eventually. In the meantime, here are some slides, and here’s the audio of the talk.

BISA/ISA 2012 — fear of relativism

September 30th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

Recording of my remarks on a panel on pluralism and diversity in international studies, BISA/ISA joint meeting, Edinburgh, 20 June 2012. A written version of these remarks, featuring the addition of a Star Wars-themed example, appeared here, and I suspect that there will be another version someplace else before too long.

ECPR PoS lecture 5

February 17th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ECPR | ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

And now for the grand finale of “PTJ Live in Vienna 2012”: lecture #5, on reflexive theory. Truth to tell I think I said in this lecture somewhat better what I said in Chapter 6 of the C of I book; the theme is the same but the development is somewhat altered for the better.


ECPR PoS lecture 4

February 16th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ECPR | ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

The fourth in the epic series. Today’s topic: mind-world monism and why it isn’t subjectivism or idealism, but instead terminates methodologically in the form of ideal-typical analysis championed by Max Weber (with a liberal dash of Dewey and the later Wittgenstein). Three boxes down, one to go.


ECPR PoS lecture 3

February 15th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ECPR | ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

The third in the ongoing series. Today’s topic: philosophical realism, and why it is neither just a modified form of neopositivism nor just a quasi-theological statement about metaphysical objects and their properties.


ECPR PoS lecture 2

February 14th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ECPR | ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

The second lecture in my five-lecture series “PTJ Live in Vienna.” But no Grammy for me, at least not this year. Today we have a discussion of Popper, falsification, and the strange hybrid of logical positivism and Popperian falsification that is contemporary neopositivism, plus a quick spin through my four-part typology of methodological positions based on wagers about the mind-world hook-up (philosophical ontology).


ECPR PoS lecture 1

February 14th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ECPR | ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

The first lecture from my European Consortium on Political Research week-long intensive course in the philosophy of science — this is the overview and some initial discussions of Vienna Circle logical positivism. Note that this is a 150mb file both because the lecture is about an hour and a half long — lots to say at the beginning of the class! — and because it’s a .mov file encoded with an MPEG-4 codec (could have been worse, my initial attempt was about 300mb!) rather than the .m4a slides-plus-audio that ProfCast used to be able to make for me. Sadly that technology seems to be too unreliable. But hopefully in the era of fat Internet pipelines the file size will not be too much of a problem.


Boundaries to Loosen in Global IR

January 19th, 2012 | Posted by ptj in ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

Here’s a talk I gave at the University of Southern California on 10 January, in which I took up the question of how to make the field of IR safe for the world — I identified at least three conceptual/theoretical/methodological/vocational boundaries that need to be loosened en route to making the study of world politics better able to meet the “terrible predicament of here and now” (as I quote Heschel at the end of my C of I book).

The talk was recorded direct to iPad in mono so the audio quality is a bit lower; I also walked away from the machine a few times to gesticulate at the displayed image, so the effective volume varies a bit. Also, near the end of the talk someone in the next room started showing a movie with the volume turned way WAY up, so there’s some bleed-through of that audio in this recording.

PDF images of the slides for the talk are here.

Koc University q and a

June 23rd, 2011 | Posted by ptj in ProfPTJ's Podcasts - (0 Comments)

The q and a following my 14 June 2011 talk at Koc University. My favorite bit here is when I am asked how I would design a Ph.D. program in IR; I’m fond of my answer, and if anyone has a few spare million dollars or euros lying around and wants to start up a new program, let me know.