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About RSS feeds

The way I operate this site is to categorize podcasts and other material to be syndicated by filing them in separate categories. Course-specific materials will be filed in a category that represents the course’s number; general stuff that I record myself doing (presentations, lectures, comments on panels) will be filed as “ProfPTJ’s podcasts.” You can view or subscribe to the RSS feed for a specific category by cutting-and-pasting the appropriate feed address into whatever program you are using to receive RSS feeds. Feel free to subscribe to more than one feed, if you’d like.

I will be primarily syndicating audio and video files in various formats (mostly mp3 and AAC/m4a/m4b), although I may occasionally syndicate a pdf file or two.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can subscribe to the general RSS feed for the entire site (which will result in all content being syndicated to your machine) by subscribing to the “global” feed, or by clicking on the RSS icon in your browser’s menubar if it has that feature.

In case you’re not familiar with RSS feeds and subscribing to them, the easiest way to do it is to cut and paste the appropriate address from the list below into whatever program you are using to download the files. For many of you this will probably be iTunes; there’s a menu option in the “Advanced” menu called “Subscribe to Podcast” that will give you a little box to paste the feed address into, and iTunes will do the rest automagically.

The feeds:






ProfPTJ’s Podcasts,

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