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The q and a that followed Dan and my joint presentation at the LSE, 18 February 2011. I think we got to five questions in 35 minutes, with answers to the first three questions consuming the bulk of that time.

Here’s a first: a two-part joint presentation by Dan and me, with a division of labor spanning the gap between philosophical and scientific ontology. We haven’t done this kind of show in a while, and it was great fun! London School of Economics, 18 February 2011. And don’t miss the epic q and a that followed the talk.

Here’s the audio of my comments at the ISA meeting in New York City, February 2009, on a roundtable called “Complexity Science Meets the Relational Turn in World Politics.” Just mp3 audio this time — no slides or video. Maybe next year I’ll start videoing my conference performances — then again, maybe not.